*“Eyal Nahum, Artistic Director and choreographer of the Jerusalem dance theater has done it again with his new production called “Pinks” delivering to the audience an Interesting and beautiful production with a really high level. He has managed to use and build the movements with a personal and systematic language, using variety as well as restraints brining about a very impressive metamorphosis.”
“This production (Pinks) has the essence of the word “Art” with in the dance!! The character’s tailor to each subject and every movement with precision and every expression has a message that is presented in an art form that I have not seen before on stage. This work is really one of perfection”.
“What really works for us here is Nahum's ability to turn the dancers into a kind of unconnected group of rare animals, with a stimulating mechanism producing hunger and desire. He makes connections between the serpentine bodies that interconnect and immediately becomes redundant ... Watching Nahum's modest way shows something's finally starting to take shape and there definitely seems to be a future." (Anat Zechariah - Yedioth Ahronoth)
Seasons of War
 “A moving piece. The choreography achieves heights and creates marvelous moments and sections.” (Inbal Hamu Cohen, Saloona)
"The contrast between beauty and style, and between war and pain finds strong expression in this special and bewitching dance…
A moving dance performance, so visual, wonderful dancers and music          that echoes in the mind several days after watching the performance.”          (“Mother Venus,” Judith Levrun)
“The performance was fascinating….There was a synergy between the dancers, that included dynamism, movement and flow, throughout the performance.” (“De Marker Café,” Orit Moka Blitental)

"The wonderful choreography, in hypnotizing dance pieces. The dance was precise, synchronized and coordinated with wonderful movements! The dancers are extremely professional, and this can be seen in the perfect execution….an impressive work." Taly Sharon (eat, relax, enjoy)
“The piece integrates emphasized aesthetic sense and innovative energy…the classic grows out of the aggression and is smashed.” (Ina Shaytekovitz, AZIZNEWS)

Love Must Go On
 "Love Must Go On” is a work that establishes Nahum's talent." (Tel Aviv Times)
 "... astonishment at the special combination of choreography, lighting and music," (The Marker Cafe)
 "... a special harmonious combination of dance, dancers, movement and music ... and a fascinating performance" ("The Casserole of Sheshet")
 "... short chapters that have crystallized into a varied choreographic sketch ... challenging ... has interest," (“Rikudibur”)

"This is a new Jerusalem Dance Theatre , different in its style
with contemporary choreographer  listening to his own voice along with a group of young talented dancers "
„ What awakes most respect is the way Lev arranges the dancers in very soft thin layers of various structures in different timing, some  close to each other almost crossing ,others clearly distant.
In any case the effect is of a phyisical body with volume – a breathing body "
„ It seems Lev has found facinating balance of dancing body reflecting natural humanity yet keeps a relationship of pure movement  "
Ruth Eshel – Haaretz newspaper
„ one admitts that the piece had more then few worth watching moments of compositions that functioned "
Ora Brafman - online blog - bikurrikud

Jerusalem Dance Theater