The Jerusalem Dance Theatre is a professional, contemporary repertory dance ensemble of Israeli and international dancers and choreographers which performs throughout Israel and also offers dance lessons. Founded by Mrs. Tamara Mielnik in 1985. Under the Artistic Direction of Eyal Nahum. The company’s vision is to share an innovative style by becoming a leading center for art dissemination and to create a personal and cultural dialogue that brings people together.  Since 2012 the company is driven and inspired by cultural and social developments of the city of Jerusalem and looking always for new, innovative collaborations. The Jerusalem Dance Theater is known to be well established in Jerusalem as well as in the rest of the country. 

The company's latest creations include works by Eyal Nahum (Tel Aviv), Francesca Harper (New York), Liat Waysbort (Amsterdam), Neta Pulvermacher ( New York - Jerusalem) and Ido Batash (Brussel - Tel Aviv) .


Eyal Nahum the Artistic Director of JDT serves as its house choreographer and created several full-length evenings for the company.


At its heart JDT offers challenging, contemporary dance for audiences of all ages, children to adults, with a new multidisciplinary stage experience presented all over Israel as well as abroad.

The Jerusalem Dance Theatre and Eyal Nahum are proud to present new company dancers who studied at renowned academies such as the Royal Ballet school, the Superior National Conservatory of Lyon, and the St. Petersburg Conservatory.







Tamara Mielnik
Eyal Nahum

Zvika Monsonego

Artistic Director

A founder of JDT  





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